XShare – File Fast Transfer Ad Free Apk is Here !

XShare File Fast Transfer Ad-Free Apk

XShare – File Fast Transfer Ad-Free Apk

The world’s fastest transmission speed, QR code matching the most convenient file transfer tool, can be no traffic, no network environment with friends to quickly share all the files on the phone. There are many tools out there that can be used to extract the APK files from your apps so you can share them with friends, but most of these are one-trick ponies that can’t do much else.

XShare Mod Apk, on the other hand, will let you share the installation package for any of your apps with anyone you want. What’s more, you can use Share Apps to open apps, uninstall them, make backups, move files to the SD card, or find the apps on Google Play.

It is thus several tools in one, which makes Share Apps a great way to manage apps stored on your mobile.

XShare Apk is very useful for helping friends download apps that you can no longer find or that they have problems downloading themselves, as it lets you share the files over several different social platforms.

It’s also a perfect tool for storing those APKs in the cloud, so you can keep them long after they’re no longer available in the Google Play Store.

XShare Mod Apk Key Features :

  • No network restriction: Share files whenever & wherever
  • Fasted in the word: 200 times faster than Bluetooth
  • QR code fast matching: The most convenient QR code matching program, gently sweep, finish paired share
  • Quick install: Enable quick install to skip the frequent confirmation

How To Install XShare Apk?

  • Save the downloaded .apk on your Android Phone’s SD card
  • Run and install it
  • That’s it, Enjoy!


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