Viber Messenger APK for Android Is Here!

Viber Messenger APK

Viber Messenger APK

Viber Messenger APK which was originally called Viber – Free Phone Calls, is an application similar to Skype. With it, you can send text messages and make phone calls for free if you have an Internet connection.

Thanks to Viber, you can share text messages, photos, videos or voice messages, locations, emoticons, and shortcuts. In fact, in the app, you can find a sticker store where you can find new stickers to buy and use in conversations.

Once you install the app on your device, all you have to do is let it access your contact list and in a few seconds, you can start calling with pretty good sound quality and for free, except for the internet service. Better if the connection is WIFI or 3G, as using this app with a data plan can be more expensive than using your phone.

On the positive side, in addition to the mobile app, it has a client for Windows and Mac. Thanks to this, you can continue to communicate on your computer, make and receive calls, wherever you are.

Viber Android Android APK is a good alternative to the wide range of instant messaging apps for Android. The sound quality during a conversation is not bad by general standards.

Viber Messenger APK Key Features:

  • Create chat groups of up to 250 people at the same time. Talk to everyone and like other users’ posts.
  • Make free long-distance phone calls between users with high sound quality.
  • Choose between dubbing everyone or setting up a video conference through your device’s camera.
  • Send short voice messages and instant video messages up to 30 seconds long.
  • Secure and encrypted communication.
  • Verifiable contacts.
  • Stickers, emojis, and emoticons to express yourself better in messages.
  • Damage Control: Delete a text or voice message even after it has been sent. However, if it has been read or
  • someone has taken a screenshot, there is nothing you can do.
  • A feature that allows you to hide chats and make them available only with a PIN.
  • Additional features such as games, the ability to subscribe to public accounts and various options for sharing photos and contacts.

What’s New In Viber Messenger APK

  • Create automatic backups of your photos and videos along with your chats.
  • Have you updated your old Android to the newest one? Recovering everything is simple.
  • You can see up to 6 people on the call screen at the same time. Do you have more people on your call? Ok, swipe left to see them all, 6 at once.
  • Minimize video calls so you can do multiple tasks at the same time while watching a video.

How to Install Viber Messenger APK for Android?

  • Just click the download button below
  • Wait until the file is downloaded then open it
  • Install Viber for Android file on your Android device
  • Follow the instructions inside
  • Start and Enjoy the Mod.


Viber Messenger APK for android

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Viber Messenger APK | Mirror (83.0 MB)

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