DU Recorder APK 2.4.4 for Android Is Here!

DU Recorder APK

DU Recorder APK

DU Recorder APK is an application that allows you to record on video what is happening on the Android screen. The best part is that after recording a video, you can also edit it using the editing tool included in the app.

In the app’s settings, you can adjust the video quality settings such as frames per second (up to 60fps), video output (up to 1080p), and video quality (up to 12 Mbps). Also, there is no need to have root access to write.

After you have set all the parameters and recorded the video, it’s time to edit it. You can trim and link fragments, add background music and adjust the video volume. When you’re done, all you have to do is save the video to your smartphone’s memory or share it directly on any social network.

DU Recorder for Android APK is a powerful video recording tool that lets you record whatever you can do on your smartphone screen. All of these features take up just over 4MB.

DU Recorder APK Key Features:

Screen Recording

DU Recorder provides stable and smooth screen recording. With this screen recorder, you can easily record videos from popular mobile games; you can record video calls with family and friends; You can also record popular shows on apps as Periscope and Bigo Live! DU Recorder contains the following free features:

  • Many resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates are available; HD video support
  • Pause / Resume Screen Recording
  • Turn on the front camera (front camera)
  • External sound recording
  • Controlling screen recording via floating window or notification bar; hide floating window for frameless video
  • Show click operations on-screen recording
  • Shake your device to stop screen recording
  • Alternative storage location: internal memory / SD card
  • Brush: touch screen for painting
  • Using a computer connected to Wi-Fi, download videos and screenshots to your computer.
  • GIF maker: GIF recorder software allows you to record your screen in GIF format.
  • Live Creator – Stream your screen live to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch with DU Recorder

Video editor

DU Recorder has many video editing features to help you create better videos. You can easily perform the following video editing operations with the screen recorder:

  • Crop video / Remove Center of the video
  • Merge Videos – merge multiple videos into one
  • Add background music to the video
  • Adjust video volume
  • Add subtitles to videos
  • Add an introduction and an ending to a video
  • Add background image to vertical video
  • Change video speed
  • Rotate video
  • Crop video
  • Convert video to GIF

Living Creator

With DU Screencast Recorder, you can stream your screen to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. You can stream games to show off your skills, or stream movies, TV shows, and sporting events to share your favorite things with more people! DU Recorder provides the following features to help you stream live broadcasts with ease:

  • Setting the transmission resolution, high-quality transmission
  • Setting the privacy level for live streaming
  • Feedback from the audience in real-time
  • You can use the front camera when streaming live

Screenshots and image editing

DU Recorder is not only a screen recorder for videos but also a screen capture and image editing application. With DU Recorder, you can take a screenshot with just one click. With one hand. No more double-tapping and holding. Fast and easy! You can also share your screenshots or use the in-app image editing tools to stitch and crop local images.

  • Use the notification bar or floating window to take a screenshot with one click.
  • Image Stitching: Intelligently combine multiple images into one.
  • Blurred Image: Pixelate the image to cover areas you don’t want to display.
  • Crop Image: Leave only the part of the image you want.

What’s New In DU Recorder APK 2.4.4 for Android?

  • Video cropping: You can cut it proportionally!
  • Improve user experience: There are problems fixed.

How to Install DU Recorder APK for Android?

  • Just click the download button below
  • Wait until the file is downloaded then open it
  • Install DU Recorder for Android file on your Android device
  • Follow the instructions inside
  • Start and Enjoy the Mod.


DU Recorder for android

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