BeautyPlus Magical Camera APK 7.4.020 for Android Is Here!

BeautyPlus Magical Camera APK

BeautyPlus Magical Camera APK

BeautyPlus Magical Camera APK is a photo editing app for Android that allows you to make small adjustments to your portrait photos, allowing you to look much better.

More subtle modifications that you can make with BeautyPlus Magical Camera for Android can soften the complexion, enlarge the eyes, brighten the face, narrow the facial contours, and generally make the person in the photo more attractive. All of this can be done with small, almost imperceptible touches that can be applied with a simple touch.

Besides mods like this, you can use BeautyPlus to make more radical changes to your photos by adding hearts and other stickers, as well as filtering effects like glitter that will make any portrait stand out. BeautyPlus Camera APK is a good photo editing tool that, thanks to its simple interface, allows you to retouch your favorite photos in a matter of seconds.

BeautyPlus Magical Camera APK Key Features:

Beauty retouch

  • Beautify: Make your selfie photo more beautiful instantly.
  • HD Retouch: Retouch to make selfies more natural and impressive with just one tap.
  • Height: Reshape your body by increasing your height with our height adjustment tool.
  • Slim – Pull to slim your waist, arms, face, chest, hips, and more.
  • Smooth: Drag to smooth skin and tighten pores. It’s so easy to have perfect skin.
  • Reshape: Drag to touch up eyes, nose, lips, and more.
  • Acne Remover: Press to remove pimples, blackheads, blemishes, and other skin problems, leaving the skin smooth.
  • Eyes: Enlarge and brighten the eyes and eliminate dark circles.
  • Teeth Whitening: You no longer have to give up your perfect smile with whiter teeth!

photo editor

  • Removal – Remove people, buildings, and any other unwanted objects from your photos with our powerful imaging and artificial intelligence technologies.
  • Enhance – Automatically enhance photos and save every detail with one touch.
  • Blur – Add depth to your photos with our blur tool. Just swipe to apply the effect.
  • Other editing features include collage, magic brush, mosaic, scatter, vintage, rotate, crop, and more to make your photo stand out from others and get the perfect result.

Effects galore

  • Text – Add text to photos and express your opinion using a variety of aesthetic styles and templates. Change the font, size, color, background, spacing, and position as desired.
  • Sticker: Lots of unique stickers will make your photo more stylish and beautiful.
  • Doodle Pen: Draw or color your photo to enhance it or explain the photo to your viewers
  • Filter: Over 200 themed filters and gorgeous effects to help you create a variety of styles with ease. Just pick your favorite filter to enhance your photos.
  • Augmented Reality Label – Updated regularly with adorable augmented reality stickers to make your photo more interesting.
  • Makeup – Elegant natural makeup including lipstick, eyebrows, eyeshadow, blush, and hair dye to highlight your natural beauty.


  • Retouch: Make your selfies more than perfect with real-time flawlessly smooth skin. Customizable cosmetic solutions for eye enlargement, whiter teeth, smaller heads, and more.
  • Appearance: Apply natural and elegant makeup effects with a real-time filter or add makeup including lipstick, eyebrows, eyeshadow, blush, and hair dye!
  • AR Sticker: Cat Ears Sticker, Flower Crown Sticker, Funny Emoji Hat Stickers … try adorable AR stickers and make your selfies attractive and unique! Our selfie camera and photo editing app can detect and edit multiple faces at once, so invite your friends to take funny selfies with you using our augmented reality stickers. The perfect selfie camera for fun!

How to Install BeautyPlus Magical Camera APK for Android?

  • Just click the download button below
  • Wait until the file is downloaded then open it
  • Install BeautyPlus APK for Android file on your Android device
  • Follow the instructions inside
  • Start and Enjoy the Mod.


BeautyPlus Camera APK

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