AntiVirus Dr.Web Light APK 12.0.0 for Android Is Here!

AntiVirus Dr.Web Light APK

AntiVirus Dr.Web Light APK

AntiVirus Dr.Web Light APK is an anti-virus protection tool that will constantly protect our terminal from all types of increasingly common (and dangerous) threats in the area of ​​Android terminals. The application has many services focused on one goal: to protect our terminal. First, SpIDer Guard is a tool designed to scan (in real-time) all files stored on the device.

Another very useful tool that we will find in our terminal after installing Dr.Web Anti-virus is the classic scanner. As usual with tools of this type, we can choose whether we want to perform a quick scan or a full scan, with the respective benefits and advantages that each one has.

Threats detected during scanning can be eliminated or moved to the quarantine zone, where we can view detailed information about the malware found. A tool that will protect our SD card is also very interesting. This is especially useful because it ultimately protects the security not only of our terminal but also of the computer to which we connect it.

AntiVirus Dr.Web Light APK for Android is one of the best antivirus alternatives we can find for Android. Not only is it packed with useful and quality services, but it is also very well presented and we can make it even better with the two available widgets (in two different sizes).

AntiVirus Dr.Web Light APK Key Features:

  • Detailed statistics reveal what threats have been detected and what actions have been taken with them.
  • Restrained use of battery resources.
  • Detected threats are moved to the quarantine from which isolated files and applications can be restored if needed.
  • A convenient and informative widget for working with the SpIDer Guard file monitor.
  • Frugal data usage due to the small size of the virus database updates—a big plus for users whose mobile device plans have usage limits.
  • Quick or full file system scans, as well as custom scans, of user-specified files and folders.
  • Neutralization of ransomware lockers: malicious processes are terminated even if a device is locked; lockers not yet present in the Dr.Web virus database are blocked; data remains intact, eliminating the need to pay criminals a ransom.
  • Minimal impact on system performance.
  • The unique Origins Tracing™ technology is used to detect new, unknown malware.
  • The SpIDer Guard monitor scans file systems in real-time whenever an attempt is made to store files and applications in the device’s memory.

What’s New In AntiVirus Dr.Web Light APK 12?

  • Implemented changes to the interface of the application and added a dark theme.
  • Replaced automated scanning of the file system with scanning on demand.
  • Improved operation of the application on Android 11.
  • Minor internal changes.

How to Install AntiVirus Dr.Web Light APK for Android?

  • Just click the download button below
  • Wait until the file is downloaded then open it
  • Install AntiVirus Dr.Web Light for Android file on your Android device
  • Follow the instructions inside
  • Start and Enjoy the Mod.


AntiVirus Dr.Web Light APK for Android

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